July 18, 2019

Our Stories

Rev Carol Hushek

I grew up in a Catholic household and always wanted to be a priest. As God would have it, I married one instead! I have been on an amazing spiritual journey for the past 20 years and part of that growth led me to a strong desire to work side by side with my husband in the wedding ministry. I had been a counselor for 10+ years, giving help and hope to emotionally injured people and came to realize that it would certainly be a nice balance in my life to be part of a joyous occasion where two people give each other the ultimate gift of love … a commitment to spend their lives growing together with God.

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Rev Cheri Sadler

was raised Catholic. In my adult years, I practice Practical Christianity, beleiving in Original Blessing instead of Original Sin. I am a student of A Course in Miracles as well. I was a Prayer Chaplain at Unity of Phoenix for 4 years, allowing me to hold space and pray for the highest and best for others, whether in a group or one on one prayer. My goal every day is to lead a spirit led life, and I have a passion for learning more about who I am and why I do the things I do so I can be a better person every day!

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