June 14, 2015

Fr. Jim’s Story

My goal:  To bring a Catholic Priestly Presence with no rules, regulations or restrictions as well as no official validation by the Church.

I was ordained as a Discalced Carmelite Roman Catholic Priest in 1967. After approximately 20 years of Shrine, Retreat, Counseling and Parish Ministry, I left the active ministry in 1988 and married my wife Carol in 1989.
A few years after we moved to Phoenix Arizona, In 1994 I began to officiate at wedding ceremonies for Divorced Catholics and others who either could not, or were choosing not to get married through the parishes. That need continues and I am also happy to have weddings for persons of any faith or belief.

I have not changed my faith or beliefs and honor that I am not able to function officially in the same way as I did before leaving the active ministry. For those who are Catholic, I just want to offer my services where there is a need not being met by the present Church structures. My intent is not to take people away from regular Church participation but allow people to be married outdoors under any circumstances.

When my wife Carol and I got married, she had 2 grown children, Cheri and Steve who were 21 and 20 at that time. They also live in Phoenix and through them we have 4 wonderful grandchildren, Sarah, Hope, Rachel and Jack.  I am very grateful and honored to be a step-dad and Grandpa. Most of all, I am grateful to have Carol as my wife.

Both my wife and I grew up in Milwaukee, WI. I entered the seminary in Brookline, MA and spent many years At Holy Hill, a shrine about 30 miles northwest of Milwaukee. I also was stationed at a retreat house in Peterborough, NH; our novitiate in Waverly, NY, and our parish in Milwaukee, WI.

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